In Motor Tàrrega we have a permanent offer, adapted to your needs, in order to improve the performance of your vehicle.


We work with our own vehicle review methodology. You will have all the information about the state of your vehicle and you can decide the interventions to be performed at any time


    • Lighting and signage
    • Oil level: gearbox, group, steering
    • Liquid Levels
    • Sealing of all components
    • Braked system wear
    • Clutch system
    • Direction and suspension
    • Batteries
    • Belts, tensioners and sleeves
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Tires

Ask for time at any of our Tàrrega, Lleida, Seu d’Urgell, Manresa or Figueres centers!

Schedule your maintenance to improve the performance of your vehicle. We adapt to your needs to save as much time as possible. We advise you at the most suitable intervals for your vehicle.interventions:

  • Periodic and annual maintenance
  • Actoil Treatment
  • Air filter change
  • Filter change dryer
  • Valve change and gearbox filter and group
  • Retardant oil change
  • Checking levels (gearbox, retarder, differential, batteries, steering fluid, cleaner and antifreeze)
  • Change of belts and tensioners
  • Replacement cylinder suspension chassis and cab
  • Front and rear brake pads change
  • Charge air conditioning and anti-odor treatment
  • Changing of doors
  • Battery change
  • Wiper blades change
  • Pressure tap for ITV
  • Pre ITV review